A totally new kind of dog food.

Now available internationally.


Email us at info@v-planet.com 

Be a part of the international vegan dogs movement.

Veganism is growing faster than ever and v-planet is expanding to bring our healthy products to pooches across the planet.         

Contact us at info@v-planet.com to learn about distributor opportunities! 

100% vegan ingredients

V-planet kibble is proudly made in Canada with wholesome vegan, non GMO ingredients like peas, lentils and quinoa. 

Complete & Balanced Nutrition

Our kibble is formulated by experts with no corn, soy, wheat or gluten, making it perfect for sensitive, itchy dogs. 

About v-planet

V-planet is a family owned and operated plant-based dog food business in San Francisco. Since 2005, our sister company v-dog has been making complete and balanced vegan kibble for dogs. V-planet's mission is to create products that are better for pooch and planet through cruelty-free, sustainable, plant-based ingredients.

For animal lovers, by animal lovers

We're vegan and we love all animals. Dogs, cows, pigs, chickens, you name it! With our recent international expansion, our premium products are now accessible to pooches across the planet. 

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